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Passenger Terminal

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In order to best serve its clientelle, the SBIA Passenger Terminal is equipped with the following state-of-the-art facilities:

  • Two Air Bridges
  • Fully equipped Check-In Counters with 8 Desks & Conveyors for a faster, more efficient check-in
  • Automated Flight Information Display System
  • 1,200 sqm. of retail space for your duty-free and other purchases
  • 450-seating capacity Departure Lounge with spectacular views over Subic Bay
  • A 150-seat restaurant area
  • Closed Cirquit Television System installed at strategic Locations
  • Lift System, Wash Rooms and other facilities for handicapped passengers
  • VIP Lounge and Conference Room
  • Information COunters
  • CIQ Services
  • Sophisticated security and control systems for passenger safety and comfort.
  • Car-Rental and hotel reservations desks
  • Car parking at departure and arrival areas
  • Dispensary for medical emergencies
  • Comfortable, spacious lounge areas
  • Friendly, customer-oriented staff
  • Smoking area
  • Cable TV

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